Seraphs of the Stars

A Star Atlas Search & Rescue Guild - "Guardian Angels of the Metaverse"


Seraphs of the Stars [SOS] is a search-and-rescue guild dedicated to keeping the metaverse’s varied inhabitants and their possessions safe and well.
We expect search-and-rescue (SAR) operations to be a high demand, profitable service, and the Seraphs will be at the forefront of this emerging field. We intend to do this by maintaining an extensive network of members spanning all 3 factions, as well as operating an extensive system of Dyson Spheres to facilitate quick intergalactic rescue and allow commercial travel. We offer our search-and-rescue services to everyone, no guild membership required.
Thus, the goal of Seraphs of the Stars may be stated as follows:
To provide efficient and reliable search-and-rescue services to the Star Atlas universe while remaining a profitable business and amiable community, governed by all members of the guild.
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