Seraphs of the Stars primarily generates revenue in two ways:

  1. Through the sale of monthly memberships

  2. Through the sale of individual rescues

We expect monthy memberships to be the most frequently chosen option, similar to an insurance premium. As for individual rescues, this will be managed through the usage of smart contracts for collecting payment.

In addition to the aforementioned ways, two other sources of income may be identified:

  1. Direct investments from public or private groups

  2. Financial benefits from guild partnerships

Revenue Sharing

Members of the guild who participate in a SAR operations mission will each recieve a percentage of the fee paid by the client for the mission, with the remainder being placed in the treasury of the Guild, to further finance rescues and expansion.

Through these methods, Seraphs of the Stars will remain profitable and financially stable.

In the future, Seraphs of the Stars may issue a governance token if deemed necessary by a majority of members.

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