The structure of Seraphs of the Stars is as follows:



Founding member of the guild, tasked with forging alliances with other guilds, as well as maintaining Lux. Also participates in rescues.


Member of the guild, can participate in rescues, as well as other activities such as mining, exploration, defense, etc., if the Seraph wishes to do so. Has right to vote on proposals.


Experimental A.I. bot tasked with handling common requests related to the guild, as well as conversation. Custom-built. Maintained by Archseraph.


All people in the Seraphs Discord server not members of the guild are Travellers. Travellers may submit emergency forms in the server, which are then confidentially sent to the Seraphs.

(As the Star Atlas game progresses in development, organization is subject to change, pending member approval.)


As need arises, Seraphs of the Stars can create several committees, which include the following:

Treasury Committee

This committee will manage the finances of the guild, as well as identify ways of increasing funding through partnerships and individual investments. The heads of the committee will be responsible for managing a multi-signature wallet, for increased security.

Defense Committee

This committee will manage the defense of members and their ships while on missions. Specifically, the committee will focus on the allocation of resources to defense, the creation and maintaining of standard defense protocols, as well as contracting defense guilds and similar entities.

This committee will manage the navigatable routes to various destinations, securing permissions to enter restricted areas when needed for missions. In addition, it will monitor the security levels of relevant areas, when necessary recommending to the Seraphs alternate routes around high-risk sectors.

Development Committee

This committee will manage various projects dedicated to furthering the goals and mission of the Seraphs, such as overseeing the construction of Dyson Spheres, space stations, and similar. In addition, it will be responsible for developing bases at strategic locations.

General committee responsibilities include drafting proposals, which are then voted on by the members. Methods of appointment will vary by committee, to be determined at a later date.

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